Process MicaSense RedEdge with PPK emlid data

I am trying to process RedEdge Multiespetral with Emlid PPK data, we have the *_events.pos file. in the Doc :

…mention the follow:

" This can be done with the python script below, which will take in the “_events” file as an input, and create an output file at the provided location, containing each capture and its proper GPS coordinates in Pix4D’s LLH (Latitude, Longitude, Height) format. You may need to alter the script slightly depending on your use case. located here

You must have python and the click library installed"

…we are trying to run the python script but something is wrong, it talks about a “library installed” , but not specify what library. When we run the scrip appear the follow error message:

Try ‘ --help’ for help.
Error: No such command ‘create_image_location_file’.”

Some one can help me…thank you very much.

I’m guessing this:

Hi Juan,

Have you asked MicaSense support about this? I’m unfamiliar with their python scripts, so hardly can suggest something. It looks like you indeed need to install some required libraries.

However, I noticed that the guide you sent is outdated and has Legacy tag. I found the newest version here, perhaps it can help.


Hi Anna

the guide is correct because I am using a legacy camera version. Also, the Python code is the same for the current version. The people from MicaseSense answer me alter many days, and gave me a solution, but I have not tried it due to i create my own solution with Visual Basic scrip…thank you for your assistance.

Oh, I got you!

Can you share the solution here if it will work? I assume it will be helpful for other users with the same issue.

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