Problme baseline - rs+


I’m having trouble using emlid reach rs+. I’m using an RS2 as a base, receiving corrections via NTRIP, with a distance of more or less 124 km from the base (IP:, port: 2101, mount point: PRCV) and an emlid RS+ as a rover.

The baseline on the rover is 6223.367 km but the devices are less than 2 meters away. The rover is connected to the base via LoRa with a frequency of 925.1

Can someone help me?

Hi Allan,

I see that you’ve already contacted us via I’ve replied to you there, so please check your inbox to find my response.

Hi everyone,

The issue was caused by too long baseline. Allan connected to the NTRIP base in 12 kilometers, and everything worked smoothly.


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