Problems with virtual base station, PPK and RtKlib

I have a RINEX file with data for a virtual base station next to my study area. While post processing works with regular stations from the same source/vendor, RTKlib does not seem to recognize the corrections from the virtual base station.

Has anyone experience with such virtual base stations and RTKlib?

So you get q=5 solution or how does the problem manifest itself?

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just processed two recently and they were fine.

got data for us to play with?


I get a 0.

@wsurvey helped me to fix it, it wsa my error.

What does 0 mean? I know 5, 2 and 1. Or was it just an error stating 0?

I did configure the wrong input files. I think it is something like no observations.

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0 - no solution
1 - fixed solution
2 - float solution
3 - DGPS solution
4 - ?
5 - single solution


And Q=6 SBAS


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