Problems with the bluetooth configuration for "correction input" on samsung s8

Hello partners.

I want to configure the “correction imput” for bluetooth on a Samsung S8 and I’m not able to do it.
I have searched the forum for a manual that indicates how to do it, but I can not find it.
Please, someone can tell me how I should configure it.

Currently I have to use two devices to use the Reach RS, a smartphone to generate a WIFI network, and a tablet to use ReachView, connected to the smartphone’s Wi-Fi network.

What I want to do is to operate the Reach RS, using the smartphone alone.

Could you please tell me how to do it?

I attach images of how I have it connected.

Greetings and thank you.

How are you forwarding ntrip on your phone? If not, you need to set up your phone to address ntrip messages
Have you tried Lefebure ntrip app?

I thought that could be done with the ReachView app.
It is not like this?.
Do you have a manual to do it with ReachView or other applications?

Are there any apps or tricks to mike similar mock location works on iOS devices?

I don’t think so. If you find something, let us know please.

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