Problems with telemtry


I was trying to connect to the interface of raspberry via telemetry of 57600 baud, and actually can make it work by installing “setserial” intro the raspberry with navio and latter configuring a new serial-getty@.service

Now I can connect to my raspberry via telemetry and with the software “putty” on my computer…

But i can not to a GroundStation anymore with this telemetry port. It seems to work for the first minute, and later, stop working…

Have the configuration of setserial and the creation of a new service modify my connection to the ground station? How can i solve it and make it work again the connection between navio and a gs?

Or someway of getting the “factory configuration” for telemetry in the raspberry? /dev/ttyAMA0…
Thanks in advance!

I just reset the miniSD card on the raspberry by reinstalling the modify raspbian, i would try to make this work on the future.

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