Problems with NTRIP connection

In two occasions I had problems fixing with NTRIP in my RS2. When one goes under trees, it goes to single and in the open sky is still single, I check the corrections and the gray bars are present and the satellites are all in green. Sometimes when turning off and on the correction returns to fixed. I am with version 2.21.1. I always check the 3g signal and the corrections are received but not fixed. I enclose the system report, you will see cuts because it passes through trees and buildings.
The first time it happened to me was in a place free of obstacles but I did not download the system report (2.0 MB)

Hi Luis,

Could you please send us the raw data and base correction logs from Reach? You can download them in the Logging tab. (858.0 KB)

Hi Luis,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

This case appears to be not so obvious, so I need more information to get the full picture of what might have gone wrong.
Is there a chance to send me the Position log from that day?

the csv? (776 Bytes)

Hi Luis,

I mean the Position log from the Logging tab of ReachView app.

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I look for it, I hope to find it (228.1 KB)

At the beginning it was fast, the problem is that it indicated the gray bars and it was in single

Hi Luis,

May I ask you if you turned off the correction input in the time period between 15:05 UTC and 15:15 UTC? As I can see from your logs, the corrections weren’t received at this time. I’ve attached the screenshots for you.

The Single solution status seems to have happened for the longest time exactly at this time period as well. I’ve attached the screenshot of the position log too.

Thanks for your response, never turn off the receiver

Could it be a problem with the cellular data server? but I saw the gray bars at all times

Hi Luis,

Sorry for the delayed response!

At the moment, it’s difficult to say what causes such behaviour. We’re looking into this issue and we’ll try to reproduce it.

May I ask you if you’ve tried working with other NTRIP services?

Hi Polina, I don’t have another NTRIP service available and CORS only 90 km away. I will do some tests with GPS and Glonass in case it is saturated by a lot of GPS data. Thank you

Hi Luis,

I’m afraid we couldn’t reproduce your issue in the office.

From the position and the raw data logs, I can see that the only time the solution was single is the time when the correction input was off. I’ll repeat the screenshots of the logs I’ve sent before.

It’d seem as if you turned off the correction input for ten minutes from 15:05 UTC and 15:15 UTC and turned it on again after.

Have you conducted other tests? Has this issue repeated?

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