Problems with Navio 2


I have buy my second navio 2. I bought one like 1 year ago more or less, and I am pretty happy with the results of this one.

But the new one I adquire… is giving me a lot of problems…

I install in the new navio2 + raspberry the lasted version of your modified raspbian for this hardware, but when I connect it to mission planner or qgroundcontrol, it appears a message that my gps and imu are not working fine…

In the web is there anyplace that i can download the old version of your raspbian? Also, is it possible to see older versions of the documentation? Just for see if it is a problem of software or the navio 2 that i received is faulty.

Hi there!

Could you please share with us the output of sudo emlidtool?

the info output looks fine to me.
You said that you have another Navio2 laying around at home, are you able to test switching antenna? (just to see if you get something else from the mission planner)
btw, how are you powering the system? via usb or powermodule?

sorry for the delay in my response, but i don’t have enought time this weeks to response.

After a lot of testing, and getting crazy, the problem was inside the telemetry module. We try with another telemetry module and all works fine. No error in navio2 or in raspberry…

Sorry for the confusion…

Now I can do some tests with a quadcopter and an hexacopter, both of them with Navio 2!! :slight_smile:

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