Problems with Mode Auto Navio+

Last week I did a lot of testing with my Drone with Navio+ and Raspberry Pi 2.
But I have some problems with mode Auto, sometimes it makes the route well, but other times it doesn’t catch the alttitude or doesn’t go to the waypoints.


It’s kind of hard to say anything specififc without flight logs. So could you please upload the logs somewhere?

The following link are the logs of the last time that I flew the drone:
Thanks you.

Hi, Sara!
Send me your on board logs.

I have the logs on the link,
You can not see the logs?
Thanks you.

Your mission is very small, so it reaches all points in first moments of flight.

I have not longer routes, because often the drone does not catch up
or does not follow to the marked points and this may have an accident.

Can you make video and send with new log for compare?