Problems with ESC and Motors

Hi, I’m trying to set up my quad copter. I’m using a Navio2 on a pi3. I have followed the docs from emlid and currently trying to make it work with mission planner. When I boot up the navio2 it starts up fine and connects to mission planner.

I’m currently using Hobbywing Xrotor Pro 40a 3D esc, wich is not possible to do a throttle range calibration on. So I have changed the setting on my taranis so that the channels outputs the throttle range the esc’s are supporting.

My problem is that before I arm the copter the esc beeps and tells me “the throttle stick is not moved to the natural position” no matter where I try to have the throttle it will not activate before I arm it.

Because of this, I’m not able to do motor tests from mission planner. And when I arm it and then disarm it the motor go full on reverse and will not communicate with the navio.

Should I order some new ESC’s or should it be a way to make it work?

Link to ESC manual:

you need to set min_pwm for motors to 1520 and max_pwm to 1940 in full parameters list and it will work fine!


Thank you, after some fiddling, I managed to get the Advanced layout in Mission Planner and set the values correctly, and it’s now working like it should. Again Thank you