Problems with Base Elevation in Emlid Flow

During the field work we had a problem with the elevation of the base, for some unknown reason its elevation changed in the middle of the work.

While the ellipsoidal elevation remained fixed for the base, its transformation to UTM, with an assigned geoid (EGM96), changed for no apparent reason.

We realized the problem since the survey included measuring 2 points of a geodetic network of which we knew the coordinates and the difference in level between both points did not fit with the data of the geodetic network.

Reviewing the full csv, we saw this change in base elevation that affected all points that were subsequently measured.

We use Emlid RS2, Ntrip corrections and the mobile uses Emlid Flow 9.9 (android) version.

The base is installed on the roof of a building with clear skies.

Any suggestions??

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Hi @jaimemlidaniel,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Could you please share the CSV file here? You can also email it to us at

Also, what mobile device are you using and what OS version is installed on your phone? Thank you very much!

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We use a Redmi Note 10s with Android 12.

In the following link is the complete csv


Thank you for sharing the file! Please create a new project with the same CRS as your previous and import the CSV file. This should fix the elevation issue.

I would also like to say that the developers are already working on a fix for this. I’ll let you know when the fix is released.


@ruth.bongon Thanks, I had already solved it by converting the coordinates into TBC, the result with your procedure is the same.
I would appreciate any future solution since we were only able to realize it because we had to control with the gnss network and the error was evident.
For now, every time we generate a new project we download the complete csv and check that the base coordinates do not change.

Now during a stakeout on the ground we would have no way of realizing it.


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Hi @jaimemlidaniel,

Just want to update you that the latest version of Emlid Flow (v9.10) fixed the elevation issue. Please update the Emlid Flow to the latest version, and check if the issue has been resolved. Thank you!

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