Problems while powering over DF13 power connector


I bought a Navio2 pack a couple of weeks ago. Tested it and all worked fine.
Now I resoldered the power module to the board and it doesn’t work anymore.
I thought the power module was broken but I measured it and it still provides 5(.4) Volts.

Power is connected:

I tried to power it up over USB (or servo rail) and it worked fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you a lot!

The power plug on the Navio is reversed. Red line should be on the other side.


RMK: it is better to have a XT60 plug on the distribution board and to plug the power module it it. (instead of soldering the wires on the board)

This way, you can do a lot of testing without providing power to the esc.

Thanks for the hint.

From a mathematical point of view, this should not make any difference, because the outer left is always connected to the outer right and the inner left is always connected to the inner right.

But yes, I tried to put the cable the other way around. Same effect.

If polarity is wrong, the result is bad.

I don’t understand this argument. Acording to the pinout the only question which is left if Navio2 has a protection against wrong polarity. Otherwise you might have fried some components.

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