Problems in Reach connected to pixhack

these days, i try to use the reach on the pixhack, and i find a problem.
when i connect the base reach to my computer. and the rover reach connected to my pixhack.
all the steps i do is the same with tutorials. like this:

but at this time, i connect my laptop to the base through IP address (
and find this:

the solution status is single!!

i want to know is it right?
or it should to be “fix”?
hope for your help!

Please follow the configuration steps in the documentation.

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Yeah, I have the same experience as well, AND following the instructions as @Amilcar_Lucas so kindly pointed out. Getting the same results, no corrections appearing on Reachview.

Maybe the documentation needs further clarification.

Well, I am not sure what you were expecting. It is the rover module, which is inside your UAV, that is getting corrections. The base only generates them and in that case it looks fine.

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