Problems during APM installation

Hey everyone,

I have some Issues getting the APM codes installed on my NAVIO+. I´m a LINUX beginner but I figured I could handle at least the Installation process as it is described on the Emlid page. When I follow the steps on the Emllid page, I end up getting the message that my Command “ArduPlane” is not available, even though I downloaded the APM binaries before. As I said, I´m a beginner and I have trouble understanding the messages i get back from the Linux console. I have a Screenshot of the console attached.

I use a Mac Book and SSH via PUTTY.

The file name you downloaded is exactly named apm?dl=true.4 as the wget command reported "downloading to…’ and ‘… saved’. You then continue to run commands after the error that apm.deb was not found, which of course would not run.

Change the end of the wget command from “…apm.deb?..” to just …apm.deb" (stop before the question mark).

The dpkg installer is complainig about the archive which you told him to install (apm.deb) not existing. You may also simply rename the file with: mv [name of old file] [name of new file]. To find out what is in our current working folder just type [dir]. This will give you a list of all files in the folder. As another option you could just use the downloaded file name in the dpkg installation.