Problema con mi radio en ar

I have problems with one of my Emlid Rs2 I am 200 meters away and I lose my bace connection I have never dropped it or anything like that I have already updated and verified it with other equipment of my friends and mine is the only one that it goes away I don’t know what to do with the radio anymore and it is of the utmost importance for my work a few days ago I was working bace rober and he gave me a displacement in my setting out of about 10 meters and I was working with my base next to me I came back the other day and did it mode Rover I worked Perfect :ok_hand:t2:, I have all my parameters fine I don’t know what’s wrong with my emlid RS2 please I need help it’s my only source of income

Hi Jonas,

I’ve received your email and answered it. Let’s continue our discussion there to keep all the details in one place.