Problem with the NTRIP conection

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I just recieved my Reach RS+ (v2.16.2) the past week, and as planned, tried to set it up and start making it work. My plan was to work only with a rover and use the local public base station. After registering and conecting to the closest mount point (7-8Km away) I found that I was only getting the base position, but my rover status still appeared as Single and would get no corrections. I must say I have no experience so I come looking for any idea or advise that could solve or help with this.
I have attached some images so you can see what I mean to say.

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no grey bars present on the status page = base corrections are not being received
can you show the screenshot with the NTRIP settings?

Yes, of course. Here I have added the screenshots of the NTRIP and RTK settings.
I have tried to change the uptdate rate to 1Hz, and other changes and reset again…Well, I can’t tell what is wrong.
Thank you!

in the last picture, can you switch your format to RTCM3?

it may be that you have to choose a different mount point as well.

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Hi @nil.llarden,

How is it going? Did switching format or choosing another mount point help you to solve the issue?

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