Problem with Servo pins


I am using NAVIO+/RPI2, navio power module with 4s battery to power the board and SBEC servo pins because I have OPTO ESC.

When I was testing motor via c++ examples (Servo.cpp) I realised that when I connect motor to pins 1 or 2 it doesn’t spin, when I do same with pins 3 or 4 it spins (i changed pin numbers in code). Some pins are working but some pins are not working. What did I do wrong?



I have barely looked into controlling Navio2 but did find some python code that should be quick to iterate all the servro pins. Looks like they have some code for the Navio, assume it works with Navio+.

This maybe enough to at least verify your hardware setup on pings 3 and 4 so you can figure out if hardware or software issue. Best of luck!

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I used this code to test pins
I think it’s same as your but it’s written in c++. With that code some pins worked, some not.



Hi! Servo example was developed for usage with servos that work quite simple. ESCs, on the other hand, usually have an initialization sequence (like set the min throttle first, wait 2 ms, set max etc.). That’s why they may not work when you run this code.


thanks for helping

I installed now navio APM and when I started motors on quadcopter, only motors on 3rd and 4th pins were spinning, those on pins 1 and 2 weren’t.

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Did you calibrate the ESCs?

I didn’t calibrate ESC because i don’t have RC, i am using joystick but I think it works well. I recorded a video that shows you my setup , at the beginning I put motors on the right side on pins 3 and 4, motors on the left side on pins 1 and 2, when I armed and started only motors on the right side were spinning, then I swapped right and left side (pins 1 and 2 were right, 3 and 4 were left side) , and started motors again and now only motors on the left side were spinning. Here is the video:

You still need to calibrate your ESCs.