Problem with SBAS

For my last day’s work my post-processed solution files look scattered and terrible. If I uncheck SBAS in RTKPOST.exe, then they look good and tight. Any ideas on why SBAS would be causing problems?

I understand that there is a problem with SBAS and RINEX 3.x, however I was using RINEX 2.12.

One other thing I noticed in RTKPLOT.exe while looking at the .obs files:
The SBAS satellites showed elevation data from the rover file, but not from the base file.

I’m using an RTCM3 file for the base and a UBX file for the rover, ReachView 4.0 and RTKLIB 2.4.3beta.


Thanks for the report. We are currently using the 2.4.2 release with some patches on top of it. The problem you mentioned is connected to our work with processing time marks, so it might be some different in your case. Maybe it’s good idea to file a bug report to Tomoji Takasu’s repository?