Problem with reach module

I have one problem with one rech module

Connect the module to power, and initially led change the color, but then is permanently red. in my phone Wifi post apperar connectedto the Post, but when trying run the reCH app, but is not possible.


Could you please tell me more about the boot process? Have you been able to run the app before? Was it hosting an AP? What are the image and app versions?

I have installed the latest versions of both programs, and image app. reach the module, is configured as a rover. The reach was blocking well. The problem was, to leave it collected data for 24 hours, then make a post-processing for coordinates to install a base station. My phone with wifi detects the reach, but when I try to open the app does not connect, and the LED remains lit in red.

You may have filled the memory on the Reach.
Delete some of the logs while the Reach is starting and see if it works again.


The problem is that I could not reconnect to the module reach with wifi. Reach connects to my WiFi hostpost, but when trying to load the app, it is not possible to establish the connection.
There is another way to connect modules to reach, other than wifi

How are you trying to connect to the app in your network? Did you check that IP address is correct? It will not be the same as when Reach is in hotspot mode.

No problem connecting the well to reach my WiFi hotspot, but when in the browser, put the IP address of reach it, it does not connect.

You can explain how Using Ethernet over USB, I have it connected via USB, but not how to enter the directory to delete logs

the error in the browser is I reject the connection, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Is the address you are using confirmed?

I’m afraid Larry there might be right and the problem is with the filled memory. We are aware of the problem and will take care of it soon.

At the moment, your two options are reflashing and, unfortunately, losing all the logs, or sshing into Reach and deleting the logs manually. They are available in /home/reach/logs

We’ve added a free space indicator in v0.3.2, hopefully it will help to avoid issues like this.

I’m experiencing the same problems with a Reach module randomly freezing with a solid red led.
There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this and it doesn’t seem to be deterministic as to when it happens. The device is about 45% full, so it should not be a storage issue, I think (unless it’s a RAM/buffer overflow thing)
Is there any way to inspect the system logs / logs on the module after a crash? Are you guys logging/cycling logfiles after each reboot?

Are you on the latest version?

Edison image version 1.2; image timestamp 29.04.2016.
ReachView version: 0.4.0.

What do you mean by freezing? Does this only happen on startup or it can happen during work?


The symptom is that the unit shows a solid red LED with no output and no ReachView web interface. This occurs randomly, but most often when the unit has been powered up for a good amount of time. Yesterday I observed the problem after approximately 15 hours.
As I could ssh into the unit I could see that the unit had rebooted (‘uptime’ showed just a few minutes). The problem was that running ‘ps’ did not turn up as would be expected. Waiting did not start
The funny thing is that if I did a ‘reboot’, the LED status did not change and the did not start. That required a power cycle of the unit.

Any ideas?