Problem with Reach Boot

One of my Reach devices will not work. When it is plugged in, it immediately has a magenta light and will not allow me to connect to it.
I have flashed the device with the current firmware 1.2 several times but it only displays red light permanently.

I had the same problem and was able to fix it by flashing recovery, which requires the use of Linux. In case it helps those who don’t use Linux, here is a link to how I did this.

Nope…I tried Linux and it didn’t work.
When I turn it on the light starts red. Blinks once after a couple seconds and then comes back on permanently red.
It doesn’t start any wifi or other service so I can’t even SSH into it.
The flash script runs and completes, but it doesn’t resolve the problem.

Did you try flashing recovery in linux and then flashing the actual image using Windows 10?


Could you tell me about the light sequence during boot?

While the device is starting up, the LED should glow magenta. Then, it will turn off, then show white for a second. Please describe what happens next.

Also, what computer did you use for flashing?