Problem with PWM and thrust

Hi everyone,
I use a Navio 2 (Arducopter version 3.6.5 ) to pilot a drone for a competition. It’s been 4 weeks that I try to operate the drone using a RC (Hitec Optic5 2.4).
I specify that the calibrations of the accelerometers (compass) and my RC have been made.
I use “Mission Planer” to do these calibrations and get a feedback on the PWMs that are sent to the ESCs. I use ESC Emax Bullet Series 30A (BLHELI_S) so without BEC.

When I increase the thrust with the RC, the PWM sent to the motors is not the same. (While I’m just asking the drone to lift off)
Have you ever encountered this problem?
Thank you for the contribution for my project,


Where is the .bin log of your flight?

If you are in stabilize flight mode, PWM sent to motors try to compensate horizontal deviation, weight distribution,…

First thing to do, in stabilize mode:

Without applying lift-off power, between idle and lift off power, apply tilt order (front then back) and check drone is moving in the right direction. If ok, do the same thing with Roll then Yaw.

When done and moves are in the expected direction, you can increase power and take off.


Thank you for you answer Marc !
I resolve my problem with using Mission Planer in mode UDP and not TCP…
Yesterday, I flight and it’s ok :wink:


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