Problem with Power Module Cable


We face a weird problem.

We have flown this drone and the cable attached to the power module is burnt. This happens five times we replaced this cable. You can see two cables that were burnt.

It is strange because the drone was working great the past days, but since yesterday, we burnt five cables of the power module. We could not figure out what could be the problem.

I am attaching some screenshots of the battery voltage and current. The full log file is available here

Any hint will be appreciated!

  1. Image and ArduPilot version: Latest version

Hi @Anis_Koubaa,

It looks like both Navio2 and power module are burnt and can’t be recovered, I’m afraid. I’d suggest checking this Navio2 with another power module to confirm that. However, it’s more likely this Navio2 is broken.

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