Problem with Power Module and Navio+


I’ve some strange problem with the Power Module.
When I connect it to the power port of the Navio+ it’s not booting up or showing anything on the screen.
The LEDs of Navio+ and RPI are on. The LEDs of the RPI are going off after about 30 secs and it’s getting hot.
When I use the ESC/BEC or an UBEC connected to the Servorail, everything is fine. (Need to switch off Board Voltage Check in Params to arm)

tried this setup for testing (2S and 4S LiPo)
RPI2B + Navio+ and Power Module without ESCs connected
RPI2B + Navio+ and Power Module with ESCs connected but without BEC
RPI2B + Navio+ and Power Module with ESCs connected with BEC

none of them worked.

The Powermodule is intended ONLY for powering the RPI and Navio.

Is there something to do, or is the module just faulty?



Hi Stephen,

It could be a bad power module. Do you have a voltmeter to check output voltage on it?

Could you please upload a picture of how everything is connected?


is there any schematic or plan what each of the wires in the power module are for?

Here are some pictures. Two of them are the currend working setup, and the third picture is the one with the power module if it would work.

This setup is temporary for testing and learning navio, so excuse that horrifing wiring :smile:

this thread has the pinout towards the bottom…

thanks for that link. That helped.
I’m getting at both Pins the direct battery Voltage instead of the 5V.
8,4V with 2S Lipo and about 16,8V with my not fully charged 4S Lipo.

I do also believe that this fried my Navio+. I am not getting any GPS Satellites any more. If I’m lucky and can wait about half an hour, I get some but lose them few seconds later again.
Also the compass loses it’s calibration every time, turns around slowly or is pointing to any other location than north.

I tested this even without any copter, so no interference from motors or anything else was there.


Please send and email to with your Navio+ order number so we can organize a replacement for defect items.

Thanks for that great support and really fast replacement.

Now everything works perfect :smile:

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