Problem with network indicator after updating

Today I upgraded an rs+ unit to version 30 and the network prompt works a little weird. I was used to the network indicator staying solid when it was emiting out a Wi-Fi signal and flashing when connected to a local wifii network. The network indicator remains solid but it takes a long time to appear when it emits a wifii signal. The network indicator no longer flashes or lights up when the unit is connected to a local Wi-Fi network.
I would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance

Hi Gerardo,

If the Wi-Fi connection works fine, please try to connect the receiver and press Flash LEDs button. Does the Network LED blinks properly along with other LEDs?

If not, please send us the Full system report from the device to I’ll gather all the details and pass them to the team for the further investigation.

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thanks for answering
I did the tests you mentioned.
a) The network indicators are activated when I connect the receiver
b) Although the receiver is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the network indicator is off
c) I will send the complete report as soon as possible

Thanks in advance