Problem with Navio2 Example compilation

Hello, folks!

I have installed APM Navio and downloaded the examples from the repository, but when I try to compile them, I see the following error:

I don’t know much about Linux, compilers and Makefiles, but I did a few researches on the topic and all those things seem okay. g++ is up to date, apm-navio too.

Although the Makefile seems okay, the error indicates that the library can’t be found. I tried, then, editing the AccelGyroMag.cpp file, inserting the reference as “hardcode”. I replaced
#include "Navio/~"
#include "../../Navio/~"
The error, then, changed:

What am I doing wrong, and what is the cleanest solution for this? I think maybe editing the path to the compiler could solve the issue, but is this the best one?

Thanks in advance!

You just need to type make and you’re good to go!

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Well… I feel embarassed now hahaha
I was typing two lines in only one, can’t believe I lost half a day on this.

We live and learn, right? Thanks a lot for the patience to reply!

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