Problem with Connection to wifi at startup + ReachView APP bug sharing wifi

I have a 2 recurrents problems but not blocking:

  • The first one caused by the way to turn off the Reach by unplugging the USB.
    I use my phone as a wifi terminal, and so my Reach must connect in wifi to my phone to get my RTCM3 from the start. But unplugging the USB violently to turn it off causes it to start hotspot wifi.
    So if I do a nice ssh and a sudo shutdown now, everything’s fine. I realized this because when it rebooted after an update, I had the connection to the wifi at restart.
    I’m now using the “ConnectBot” application on Android to initiate an ssh connection and shut down the Reach properly.

would it be possible to have a shutdown button in the Reachview?

  • The second one comes from the Android app “ReachView” which doesn’t see the Reach at the scan when it is connected to the wifi sharing of my phone, because it has a local IP address of the phone and not its own.
    So I use Firefox to access ReachView, it’s a shame…

Good day to you all

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