Problem with 5/8 thread

Hello everyone, I have bought a second unit of the rs2 and when placing them on the pole the thread does not go all the way. In the first unit of rs2 if that enters without problems. Has anyone had this problem? I suppose that if it would be machined with a 5/8 male it could be fixed, but I would lose warranty.Is it better to process a guarantee?



Sorry to hear about the issue! I’d recommend checking with our Support team directly via We might need more information about this device before suggesting anything or proceeding with a replacement.

Can I ask where the pole/mount comes from? With certain inexpensive direct-from-China items, you have to be very careful as cross-threading once can totally destroy the threads. The aluminium used can be very soft and easily ruined, as I have experienced.

Thanks dimitriy. I have contacted the seller of my emlid to see what solution they give me, I have attached the images of the differences between both emlid rs2

HI Gabriel. the pole is from a leica supplier, even if it is not from leica it is of good quality. I might suspect if on both emlid models you would have problems with the thread. But it only happens to me with one of them …Has this ever happened to you?

I see! It does sound like the unit itself.

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