Problem to start ArduCopter-quad


I have got my Navio+ and installed on a Raspberry Pi 2B today. I have installed the Raspbian , apm.deb manually.
When I start the ArduCopter-quad , the system prompt me

Raspberry Pi 2 with BMC2709!
sh: 1: pigiod: not found
sh: 1: pigs: not found
no pigio interface for RCInput

Could you tell me how to fix it ?


Hello Jacky,

Did you install the standard Raspbian distro? You need to use the distro that we provide:


I using the standard Raspbian distribution.

Thanks for the information, :slight_smile: I will replace the system with the Real-time-Linux-RPi2.



I have reinstall the system with Real-tim-Linux-RPi2, I can start the ArduCopter-quad process now.

But when the system booting up, I found some strange messages

Checking if shift key is held down: No. Switching to ondemand scaling governor
/etc/init.d/raspi-config: 26: /etc/init.d/raspi-config: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold: Directory nonexistent
etc/init.d/raspi-config: 27: /etc/init.d/raspi-config: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/sampling_rate: Directory nonexistent
etc/init.d/raspi-config: 28: /etc/init.d/raspi-config: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/ondemand/sampling_down_factor: Directory nonexistent

I have checked the directory structure and there is no sub-folder “cpufreq” inside the directory “/sys/devices/system/cpu”.

I tried to create the folder “cpufreq” but failed. (Operation not permitted)

Could you tell me how to remove these strange messages or I can ignore them without problem ?


You can ingnore these messages.