Problem to obtain accuracy in projects with reach m embedded in fixed wing

I’m having trouble getting accuracy on my projects, accuracy compared to the gcp on the ground is staying at 80cm to 1m.
I use reach module as a base reach rs as a rover to collect the gcp and reach m on a fixed wing, the fixed wing flies at 14m / s. sony a6000 camera with seagull flash shoe synchronization. the base used in the survey of the gcp is the same as the uav and the points collected on the same day and post-processed.
equal base coordinates, follows the report of the metashape and the configuration pages of rtklib, installation of reach m in uav
energy for reach m from a bec castle shared with radio rdf900 but with ferrite filters, grounding plan of the 10cm antenna built with pcb. metashape report ps I got good results only using the gcp, the accuracy of the cameras is close in the meter ,report without active control pointsrelatorio.pdf (4.0 MB)
Report with control points!AgTCVcTndvUrgbwAI5NElcZcUb5oJA?e=iUawcP relatorio.pdf (3.1 MB)

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for sharing the detailed report. We’ll look into it and get back soon.

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Hi Bruno,

Could you please share your logs with me? I’d like to post-process them myself and try to figure out why there is a part with Float solutions only.

for sure soon I’ll post them