Problem still loading Reach

There was a problem setting the reach RS +.
(Problems occurred after initial setting.)
Press the power button to stop loading. (Three LEDs are flashing sequentially)
Firmware reflashing is not possible, and it can only be turned on / off.
I would appreciate it if you let me know how to solve this problem.

Hi @jmter,

Could you please tell us a little more about your difficulties with Reach?

What’s the LED status after you turn the unit on? (You can share a screen recording if it’s convenient for you).

On which step of flashing the firmware did you face an issue? Could you send me the flasher logs?
To access them, you can follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + R
  2. The Run window should appear
  3. Paste this string into the Run window: AppData\Local\Emlid\Reach Firmware Flash Tool\logs

It should open the folder with flasher logs.

Hi Tatiana,
When i turn on the Reach all LED Shine for a instan, after that the LEDs shine sequentially first PWR next NET and STAT like the loading status.
In the flashing process i have problem conecctign the reach. The reach isnt recognoiced.

Atach Logs
12:58:01: default: info: Runtime environment:
os: “winnt”
os_version: “10.0.18362”
os_language: “español”
os_virtualized: no
prod_type: “windows”
prod_version: “10”
qt_version: 5.12.3
qt_build: “i386-little_endian-ilp32”
app_name: “Reach Firmware Flash Tool”
app_version: “v1.0.2-reach”
app_logs_path: “C:/Users/Usuario/AppData/Local/Emlid/Reach Firmware Flash Tool”
app_settings_path: “\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Emlid\Reach Firmware Flash Tool”
app_executable: “C:/Program Files (x86)/Reach Firmware Flash Tool/Reach Firmware Flash Tool.exe”
app_library_paths: (“C:/Program Files (x86)/Reach Firmware Flash Tool”)
app_args: (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Reach Firmware Flash Tool\Reach Firmware Flash Tool.exe”)
12:58:05: AppUpdater: debug: No updates available!
12:58:17: FlashingManager: info: “Starting new FlashingManager with [device: ReachRSplus; action: Flashing and Testing; image: C:/Users/Usuario/Downloads/reach-plus-v2.18.1.img]”
12:58:17: servicemanager: info: “Service DeviceWatcher is starting…”
12:58:17: servicemanager: info: “Service DeviceWatcher is running…”
12:58:17: servicemanager: info: Service: “DeviceWatcher” has started. Channel: “localhost:51959” Executable: “C:/Program Files (x86)/Reach Firmware Flash Tool/watch_controller.exe”
12:58:17: DeviceWatcherClient: info: " [Channel localhost:51959; State: Starting] " | “”
12:58:18: DeviceWatcherClient: info: " [Channel localhost:51959; State: Running] " | “”
12:58:18: DeviceWatcherClient: info: Requesting for device watching…

Hi Juan,

Could you please share all the files from the flasher logs folder? (6.1 KB)

Hi Tatiana,

Now, i´ve atacched all the logs files

Hi Juan,

Could you please try to enter the device in the firmware update mode as it described in “Flashing failed” section of this guide and try to reflash it once again?

Hi Andreeva,

I try it again and not work. I follow the guide, I turned off, conect the device and turn on. When I turn on the device blink the led sequencly and in the sofware still “Waiting for ReachRS+…”

Hi Juan,

Could you share the flasher logs once again, please?

Hi Tatiana,

Here are the (15.7 KB)

Hi Juan,

Thanks for sharing logs, it was very helpful!

Could you please clarify if Reach device never changes this state? Does the unit behave in such a way from scratch?

Yes, inmediatly after starts go to this state. All leds blink sequencly and its imposible to conect by wifi and all methods


Did this unit work properly before it?

Yes, at the first moment it work well. In the update process the Reach go loading state and never leave it.

Hi Juan,

Please contact us on with the Serial Number of the unit, order date and number, and shipping address.