Problem reach m2 freezes! not working

hello emlid friends.
i have and EMLID REACH M2 as a BASE.
firmware: ‘26.2’
I need your help as soon as possible.
I have an RS2 rover that receives the corrections from the base through ntrip or the most frequent thing is that it does it through lora radio… As a base I have an M2 with the lora module, and sometimes I connect it to the wifi to use the caster of emlid with ntrip …
My problem is that the M2 receiver does not stay on all the time, most of the time it does not start, the orange light stays on, so you have to disconnect the usb cable and reconnect it to turn it on again, until finally the blue and green lights come on. And there the problems have just started, the REACH M2 receiver disconnects from the wifi and there is no way to connect to it, just by turning it off and on it reconnects to the wifi. The maximum time of continuous work that it has managed to achieve is two hours. it always freezes and does not respond, there is no way to connect with the reach view app, nor with the ip address, nor with bluetooth, and it is not in hotspot mode. the blue bulb turns off completely, and both the green bulb and the orange bulb stay on solid. And the REACH M2 stops sending corrections, no matter if it is through lora radio or ntrip. I cannot use or work with this equipment in that way.
I need you to help me solve this problem since my objective is to buy a new REACH M2 to have two bases available, one of them to use as a mobile base with the lora radio module, to use it where there is no cellular coverage; and the other m2 receiver set it up and use it as a fixed base, as a CORS reference station and I need it to be on all the time, sending corrections via ntrip 24/7 and saving raw records for post-processing.
But none of this I can do if the REACH M2 receiver doesn’t work at all, I can’t use it. It is a headache every time I need to use it because I have to constantly restart it and reconfigure it to be able to use it as a base.
please EMLID, your help. I need help to solve this problem and that the equipment works correctly for long periods of time or better if it manages to be on all the time. Help!!


I already did it. and also attached the full report and record. Hope to find a solution fast.

Hi Edmundo,

How do you supply power to this Reach?

On the one hand, it looks like sometimes there’s not enough power to properly start M2. On the other hand, once it is powered, it looks like it is overheated, which explains freezing. Please make sure your power supply is stable and meets M2 power requirements. Also, check that the USB cable you use is operational.

By the way, does the same happen when you use Reach without LoRa connected?

Hi @dmitriy.ershov. That was exactly what I thought. I have tried with several powerbanks of different capacities and also with different usb cables. I have even connected it to my computer to the usb 3.0 port and also to the 2.0. I have tried different wall chargers. And the result is always the same. The m2 receiver freezes after some working time. Sometimes it is right away and other times it is after working a long time … I have noticed that it overheats a bit. And I have also tried to solve that by placing the receiver in the shade or where there is wind … I don’t know what is happening with that receiver or how I can solve this problem. The truth is I am desperate. I need your help. I bought the equipment in April 2021 at and I have not been able to use the equipment normally. Maybe you can tell me what powerbank I should use or what cable and power characteristics the equipment needs. Thanks.

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@andrew.belov @dmitriy.ershov Any news about this problem or any ideas on how I can solve the incorrect operation of the M2 receiver? … I really need as soon as possible a receiver that can be on and working all the time 24/7 sending corrections through NTRIP or Lora Radio. And my m2 keeps freezing whenever it feels like it. Can you explain to me if this is a recurring problem with the M2 receivers or if it is only my unit that is faulty? I have had this problem since I bought the equipment. I do not know what to do. I don’t know if it’s a hardware problem or just a software problem and it will be fixed with a good update. Your help please. And I wonder if I can get a new M2 receiver to use as a cors fixed base or reference station that sends corrections via ntrip and saves raw data all the time. That works 24/7 without problems. Any recommendation???

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Can you post some images of your setup?

Hi Edmundo,

You mentioned a few issues with the receivers in your post, but I believe it would be great to start with one of them and then move to others.

The thing we’d better address first is the issue with M2 powering. According to your description, the behavior seems to be highly unusual. Our first thought was that the unit could be placed in improper conditions where it overheated. However, we checked the Full system report and didn’t see any sign of overheating there.

At this stage, understanding what exactly is going on would help us a lot to come up with the solution faster. If I get it right, M2 works the following way:

  • After connecting to the power, M2 works fine for some time
  • Then, at some point, it powers off, and only red LED stays on
  • It happens with different USB cables and power sources, including PC, power banks, and wall adapters

Could you confirm I understand Reach behavior correctly?


Could you also let me know if M2 freezes while disconnected from the LoRa radio?

After connecting the M2 receiver to the power source (wall charger or power bank, QC3.0) with any usb cable (the one that came with the receiver or any other good quality usb) almost every time it stays on just the red light and it won’t boot, I have to unplug the usb cable and plug it back in until the other lights come on. When it starts working, it works very well, it works perfect, sometimes it does it for a few minutes, other times for a couple of hours, but always, no matter what I do, it always freezes. stop transmitting corrections. and there is no way to connect to the receiver by bluetooth or wifi or by any way. When the M2 receiver freezes, sometimes the blue light turns off completely and other times it stays on solid without blinking … This happens anyway, when it is connected to the Lora Radio module, or when it is disconnected without the radio transmitting corrections nrtrip over wifi, freezes either way. And it doesn’t matter which usb cable you use, or what power bank, or wall charger, it doesn’t matter where or how you place the receiver. the M2 can be on the floor, attached to the tripod, horizontal or vertical, hanging free from the cable or fixed to a base, in the shadow and windy … it always freezes and stops working sooner or later … when I’m in the field working with the sun, there it freezes faster because it heats up …
The truth is I don’t know what to do, I know that this M2 is an excellent receiver and in my opinion it is a very good GNSS RTK, but I am having this problem, I need your help to solve it. As I mentioned before, I need this equipment to work perfectly with Lora Radio for long periods of time. And I want to buy a new receiver to have it as a fixed base or reference station cors working all the time, staying on 24/7.
Please your urgent help to solve this problem … Later I will post photos of my setup.
Thank you very much in advance.


Thanks for elaborating!

From your Full System report, I see that Reach often drops Wi-Fi connections. It also seems that the connection to the Wi-Fi network you work with is slower than it should be.

Could you please let me know how far your Wi-Fi router is located from the Reach M2?

Also, is there any chance you can try the device with another Wi-Fi network to exclude the possibility of issues with this particular network?

@andrew.belov Yes, the Wi-Fi I’m connected to is a bit distant, I check the signal with my smartphone and it has a couple bars, but to rule out anything, I’m going to connect to another Wi-Fi that is closer and faster. although that is the problem, it disconnects from the wifi and there is no way to reconnect to the receiver … I’ll try and save the logs and send them to you.

@wizprod Basically this is my setup when I am working in the field without cellular signal and using corrections through Lora Radio. the M2 receiver is usually connected to a power bank. and sometimes connected to a wall charger, but they are always QC3.0 and good quality. No matter the usb cable or the power source, it always freezes up sooner or later.
The antenna I use is and the antenna for the radio is the power bank is or this and the wall charger is

Wonder if the long length / gauge of wires and/or antennas and grounding affect anything?

@timd1971I don’t really know if they affect something, the same problem occurs with shorter cables, or with the smaller antenna. that is my setup with lora radio, it also freezes without the radio module and without the large antenna… if the receiver is without radio and only sending ntrip corrections through the emlid caster, the configuration would only be the M2 receiver with this antenna and this cable

@andrew.belov It is effectively NOT my wifi, neither the distance nor the power, much less the speed. I think that to send ntrip corrections or connect to the device 75Mbps of speed and -20dBm of power is more than enough … as you can see in the photo I placed an access point next to the receiver, I tried with three different wifi networks and with different routers and the result is exactly the same, there is no change. the m2 device maintains the same behavior, it restarts, loses wifi signal, it disconnects and freezes, it does not send corrections and there is no way to connect to the device, only by disconnecting the usb cable and reconnecting. something is wrong, something is damaged … I need your help please.

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From all you have written it seems that there is a hardware problem. I would return the device if it has warranty.
The M2 is a neat little device but it overheats fast. I let it under the sun one time and it worked for 5 hours but eventually it shut down due to overheating.


Hi Edmundo,

This is an extremely untypical behavior for Reach M2. Thanks for getting us all the context, at this step, we will arrange the replacement for you. I believe you are already in touch with Andrei via email.

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