Problem obtaining coordinates from time stamps

I am trying to obtain precise coordinates from time stamps, but I can´t get this coordinates. I obtain some coordinates from the time marks, but there are not precise.
I use one reach in RTK mode conected to NTRIP.
The procedure I follow is:
1- Connect the Reach rover to NTRIP and obtain fix coordinates
2- I get time marks when I have fixed solution
3- Download raw data in UBX. I transform UBX data to RINEX with rtkconv.
4- I process the data with rtkpost. I use the .obs and .nav obtained from raw data and .obs of the GNSS station.
The coordinates that I obtain in the .pos_events.pos file are not the same that I obtain when I get fixed solution.

Hi Daniel,

Do you use last Emlid versions of RTKLIB tools?

Hi Andrew!
Yes, I use the last version of RTKLIB.
Probably I introduce some parameter incorrectly in the postprocess,
but I do not know which one.

Daniel, have you set coordinates of the base in post-processing?

Could you share screenshot of your settings, please? :slight_smile: