Problem M2 MissingEvents hotshoe

Hi community!

Right at the beginning:
I’m a real bloody beginner when it comes to reach.

I have some serious / annoying issues with my camera events.

I use the M2 (V 2.24.0), NTRIP and hotshoe.
I trigger the camera myself. Then I work according to the emlid docs, RTKCONV and RTKPOST. The last time (I think August or September) everything worked perfectly. But since yesterday I only get an empty events.pos

I have already done several tests with different logging settings, but none of them have been successful.

Maybe someone can look at this sample data and tell me what I’m doing wrong / or whether my hotshoe is defect / or or or …
In this test, there should be 97 events:

I am very, very grateful to you. Because even after searching the forum I got no further.

kind regards

Hi, probably due to incorrect GNSS settings… see here :slight_smile: (I had the same issue)


I think - Yes!
I had 10 hz :smiley:

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Hi Ludwig,

Sorry for the delayed reply!

Reach M2 is capable of recording time marks with different update rates. There are no special settings you need to use for such task with it.

I’ve checked your logs. I can see that no information about the time marks was recorded in the raw data log. This may mean that the connection between the camera and Reach via hot shoe is not working properly.

Please check if your hot shoe is connected correctly to both camera and Reach as shown in this guide. You can share the photos of your setup with us so that we can check it.

You can test the connection while on the ground by checking the Camera tab of the ReachView app: every time the camera shutter is closed, the information about a new time mark should appear there.

Hi guys,

I’ve looked at and tested everything.
The hotshoe was slightly slipped. Sometimes the solution can be very simple …

However, I now have a new problem with my tests. Yesterday I took 3 measurements. Exactly 1 event is missing for each measurement. Here is one of my measurement-test-data:

(in this test: i have 270 pictures but only 269 events)

I have the following question that I couldn’t find in the forum:
How do you combine the events with the pictures? Especially when one or more events are missing? (Excel? Comparison with file data? Which programs do you use?)


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