Problem in auto mode

Hi everyone,

I am using Navio2 along with Raspberry Pi 3 model b, i am new to this field, and i encountered so many problems while trying to fly my drone in automode.
Sometimes the drone perform the mission okey. but most of the times it cannot take off properly and do arbitrary moves. Is it because i slow the speed up to 100cm/s?

if you want any information i can share with you and here is a video i capture today while trying to engage the drone in auto mode:

Thank you so much for this great community

Hi Shaker,

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Please share the DataFlash logs that were recorded during these flights. You can download them via Mission Planner.

Also, it would be of great help in the troubleshooting process if you shared the photos of your hardware setup here.

Hi, Liudmila

Thank you for your reply

i will attach the logs, and a photo as well but sorry for a bad quality because the drone is not with me now

2020-12-12 06-52-32.tlog (6.2 MB) 2020-12-13 07-01-46.tlog (746.8 KB)

Hi Shaker,

Thanks for your patience.

I wanted to highlight first that Auto Mode isn’t the easiest one to perform with ArduPilot software. If you’ve only started working with a drone that you assembled yourself, it’s better to progress through the flight modes listed below:

I’d suggest checking out First Flight with Copter guide all the necessary information that helps to understand some tips on the configuration.

Regarding the failed flight in Auto Mode, the drone needs to have a good GPS signal to follow an automated mission. It looks like there were issues with the signal reception, and that’s why it leans on the side and doesn’t take off.

I see that Navio2’s GNSS antenna isn’t placed on a ground plane from the photo you shared. The ground plane reduces multipath and improves signal reception. You can use any piece of metal for this.

Also, looking at the video, you have launched the drone near the buildings. It might interrupt the GNSS signal as it’s hard to get through the obstacles. I’d suggest conducting the flights in an open area with no tall objects around.

It’s important to check the GPS signal related parameters and statuses to understand whether there is an issue. For example, checking if GPS’s HDOP value isn’t exceeding 2.0. For more details, please refer to this docs section.


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