Problem after update to v30

Héllo evrey body i update yesterday my reach rs+ to v30 after thé reboot thé led keep flashing i can’t connect to my unit please help me i have to work tomorow Morning

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Are you talking about the battery leds ? If ever the device does not boot properly anymore, you may try to flash the firmware like this : Firmware reflashing | Reach RS/RS+ (

I trieds to flash but the flash stop to the first step

Adis Gabon. How long ago did you purchase your rs+? I had the same issue this past month. The unit would flash blue green orange continuously. The re-flash doftware didn’t recognize my unit when plugged into a pc. My unit was under warranty, and Emlid replaced my unit.

Hello it’s about 2 year ago but i use old computer i flash my rover everything work well