Precisione base rover

Sto lavorando in Calabria (Italia) in zona con pessima copertura internet e vorrei sapere sapere della precisione del rilievo base rover con il mio RS2 emlid ed un RS3. Rocco Fazzari


I am working in Calabria (Italy) in an area with bad internet coverage and I would like to know about the accuracy of the rover base survey with my RS2 emlid and an RS3. Rocco Fazzari

All the Emlid product line are great receivers


Hi Rocco, with a Fix solution, Reach could have centimeter-level accuracy.

If your work area has bad internet coverage, you might consider working in RTK with a LoRa connection or in PPK mode.

Feel free to create a thread or contact us at if you have any questions about our products.

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