Precise Point Positioning (PPP) UK

Hi all, I am new to all this, just received my Reach RS2 kit.

Has anybody found a Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service for the UK?
From the tutorials, this appears to be the most precise option to determine the Base location.

Thanks and looking forwards to learning all about the processes and kit.

NRCAN PPP service can be used all over the world.

It would not say it is the most precise, and it also has the caveat that you have to wait up to 16 days for the Final Solution.
Using a CORS station as reference for PPK is a better and faster option. There should be a few available in the UK.

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Thank you for your reply, a lot to learn. Most appreciated.

Am I correct in saying I need PPK processing sortware like EZServ or does RKTLib to the same?

You can use both.

RTKlib is fairly basic, but completely free.
EzSurv is very comprehensive, but as a commercial solution, also priced accordingly.

Also look into Emlid Studio Beta

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RTKLib is also a PPK software.

For example, you can do this :point_up: with RTKLib to determine your Base location. You should follow this GPS post-processing tutorial.

Also, read this for better understanding of How PPK works.

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Thank you both, so I can use RTLKib or perhaps Emib Studio.
I just need to then work out how to download data from a local NTRIP provider and use this as the base log and the Reach base as the rover initially. Then use the corrected Reach Base to correct the Reach Rover.

I have been looking into how to obtain local correction data for a while and not making much progress with it :frowning: I will get there.

You might be able to start with EUREF ?

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Thank you, I will have a look :slight_smile:

Hi @anthony1,

Welcome to Emlid Forum!

As Cristian commented above, the Canadian NRCAN CSRS-PPP service is available all over the world. This PPP service can process both single-frequency and multi-frequency logs.

The most accuracy that can be achieved with logs from multi-band receivers as Reach RS2 is around 2 cm. However, it’s available 13 -15 days after the end of the week of your survey. You can read more about the accuracy in PPP in this article from our docs.

Using the PPP service is indeed useful if you’re working in a remote area with no Internet connection and no local NTRIP services. In other cases, as Cristian mentioned, it may be easier and faster to get the base coordinates using RTK or PPK modes. These modes can provide you with centimeter-level accuracy.

To get coordinates for your base in RTK, you need to receive corrections from the local NTRIP service. This way, you need to set up a connection to the NTRIP service, wait for a fix, and average the receiver’s position for several minutes. You can read more about the RTK in this article from our docs.

If there is no Internet in your area, you can get a centimeter-accurate position in PPK. To do it, you need to record a raw data log on your base and download a raw data log from the NTRIP service for the same period. After post-processing them together, it’s possible to get the precise coordinates for your receiver. You can read more about the PPK in this article from our docs.


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