Pre Arm RC not calibrated

Hi ( (Sorry its me again)

Right i have the radios connected and mission planner connected. Batteries charged

Mission Planner keeps repeating i need to calibrate my drone but i dont have an RC stick controller, do i need one? if so does it connect to the 3dr radio?

when i was trying to figure stuff out the drones motors started twitching one at a time with the navio2 was beeping - is this because ive not done anything with it for a while? - i have a video if needed

A RC transmitter is not required to fly the copter, but in some countries it is required by law/insurance as a backup.
It is also recommended, because it makes it a lot easier to get your copter flying.
You can disable RC prearm check in Missionplanners full parameter list. Search for ARMING_CHECK.
The twitching is caused by the beeping, because it is not the Navio that beeps, but the motor windings. Depending on what firmware your ESCs use, it is a signal for a wrong/no PWM signal or in case of blheli firmware it is a lost model beacon, that starts to beep after 10min without the motors turning.

ordering a logitech controller, i will have to check the on the law. anyone from the UK on here East Midlands?