Hi everyone,

I’m new to this and this is my first time with GNSS. I am having trouble uploading my data to NRCAN and JASON GNSS.

Following the EMLID docs, I’ve used my base L1 Reach RS to log ihave it’s position for several hours to set up a main site datum for combined total station and LoRA survey (100km+ away from nearest CORS station and known point with sufficient clear sky view is unavailable).

I’ve encountered two issues:

  1. the files fail to upload to NRCAN’s CSRS service. The Upload bar completes, but the red failed to upload error shows up.
  2. I can upload the files to JASON GNSS, however PPP processing fails and only the >5m+ accuracy SPP results can be processed.

The files are below:

Thanks for your help!

You have to upload the observation-file instead, ending with 21o.
The 21n file you have uploaded contains navigation-info instead.


Oops! I’ve edited the original post and have now included the file ending with 21o. Looking forward to your response :slight_smile:

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Hi @FarSouth_Poster,

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the logging data. I’ll check it out and get back to you as soon as I have the results.

Have a good day!

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Hi @FarSouth_Poster,

I’m back with the results!

I uploaded your log file to the CSRS-PPP service, and it was processed from the first attempt. You can check the report provided by the CSRS-PPP service in the archive attached.

I guess the service was temporarily unavailable when you tried to upload the file.

JASON service processes files in SPP when there are no CORS nearby.

CSRS_PPP_full_output.zip (2.3 MB)


Yes! It seems to upload now to NRCAN CSRS-PPP. That was strange – it wouldn’t upload after days of trying. As you said, it must have been down temporarily.

As for JASON, I didn’t know that SPP is all will work when CORS is out of reach. Thanks for the information!

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