PPP with M2?

PPP is mentioned for RS2 (https://emlid.com/reachrs2/), but
is it also possible with M2 only? Has anyone tested M2+PPP for
geotagging photos?

For static, sure you can. I’ve used the helical antenna and have gotten good results horizontal and vertical. I’ve since bought two Harxon antennas for my M2’s mainly because they are in NGS’s calibrated database. I use mine for static only as a closed loop for PP when my RTN receiver loses cell service.

I’ve used this for other receivers in static
NRCan Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Service.

This http://www2.unb.ca/gge/Resources/PPP/OnlinePPPs.html

gives several resources. magicGNSS can also do kinematic although I haven’t tried it. I’m not sure you could geotagg the photos with it. I would use a local base and use PPK for geotagg. I’m not very familiar with the photogrammetry process, but Michael Lambert here on the forum seems to be very knowledgeable in this aspect.

Hi Agustin,

I’d say that PPP is more suitable for Static observations. The PPP functionality on both RS2 and M2 is identical.

Speaking of geotagging, the most optimal workflow would be using the PPK and local base as Brian had mentioned. You can use the PPP to determine the base position and proceed to the PPK survey.

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