Anyone having any luck uploading to RNCAN lately? It used to work fine, but now there is no way to choose the reference frame and it errors out.

Hmm seems to be a browser issue. You can select a reference frame from within Chrome, but it doesn’t appear on Safari

I also suggest using the desktop application. You don’t even need a browser then and the results get downloaded directly to a preset folder. Just drag your .zip file on the desktop icon and the rest is automatically done.

Thanks for the tip Gabriel. A follow up question for you - have you ever gotten anything other than an ultra-rapid solution returned? I don’t see an option for the longer, but more accurate solutions.

I have, yes. The ephemerids need some time to be established and NRCAN state their schedule:

  • Ultra-rapid is available a few hours after observation
  • Rapid is available within about a day after
  • Final is available about two weeks after observation

I just tried with an old one and it did return using final ephemerids.


Just to make it clear, you just need to wait the required time before uploading and the system will return the most accurate solution possible at the time.

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