PPP: Running for 24 hours - best practice with dying battery?

Hello! Excited to be running my first PPP logging session - yes I used the word excited. :slight_smile:

I see in the docs that I shouldn’t power down the RS2 until I turn off data recording in the Logging tab. Safe to assume that if the battery dies before this happens, the data isn’t recorded correct and I need to start over?

My plan now is to check up on it every couple of hours and stop logging when the battery gets around 15% or so.

Thanks for any input!

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It is not a problem to not stop the logging. It will just finish the packaging on the logs whenever the unit is restarted.

I will also recommend connecting a power pack then you can do several days!

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Thanks for the input. I think my 24 hours of logging left around 20% battery remaining (batteries were topped off and I haven’t used them a lot). Took around 3 minutes to process that.

I did notice once when I turned on the unit, and looked at the logging tab, that it was processing something from a previous session… I think I just had all the logging methods turned on before I knew that it was doing! Good to know shutting it down/battery loss won’t corrupt anything. Next time: battery pack!


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