PPP and Coordinate Transformation


I have been experimenting with PPP and RS2 as well as the M2 and a TopGnss Antenna.

In the screenshot below you see two points on the left (NTRIP-based RTK Fix Solution 1m average) taken at the start and at the end of a 10 hour logging period, collected in EPSG:4258 /Etrs89.

The two points on the right are the Ultra-Rapid and Rapid Solution transformed with Transdat Software (ITRS2014 to EPSG 4258 ).

As you can see, there is a 5 cm shift to the East.

I have experienced that with another PPP project where I got almost the exact shift.

Can anybody please give me a hint about the correct datum transformation or transform the coordinate for me?

I do not have a ITRF2014 CRS in my Transdat Version, only ITRS2014. I thought it might be coincidating.

I attach the rapid report from NRCAN and the CSV with the survey pointshere.

Aufmdach.zip (466 Bytes)

raw_202008212025.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hi there,

so I solved this with the help of TB_RTK .
I got to 3 and 1 cm deviation from NTRIP RTK measurements in two different projects.
1 cm with RS2 and 3 cm with M2…

I will repeat and tell how it works


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