PPM with Spectrum PPM receiver

Hey guys,

I purchased a special Spectrum Receiver that is capable to output PPM signals. Every channel works fine except for the pitch channel. Although pitch output it is recognised by the APM planner software in Radio Calibration, there is no servo output on that channel. I use ArduPLane by the way. I am using the Spectrum AR-7700 receiver.


If it is recognized by the APM planner, it must be some misconfiguration of the APM or issue with the servo. COuld you please check the RC OUT values in the APM Planner? Do they change for ch2? If they do, can you try a different servo?

The RC OUT values change for RC3 which is the elevator stick in my radio. For some reason the sticks on my radio do not match the Outputs in The APM planner. The Aileron stick triggers a change in the Pitch values etc…Would the FC even work in that case?
The servo must be okay because its working fine on all the other channels.

Do you have the MODE setting correct?

It is because Spektrum use a different mapping than Futaba. Under APM parameter list, look for RC MAP values and update them for the correct numbers. For example, look in APM2 Planner under the radio calibration section, make a note of the value that changes for the pitch and note the number it should be… same for throttle (as those will be switched on Spektrum). Then change these values under the parameter list in APM. When I get back to the house, Ill post up the correct map.


Spektrum mapping for Pitch, Roll, & Throttle

Thanks for the updated list, however I don´t even have any kind of parameters in my standard parameter list. There is basically just a blanc space… Is there another way to access my parameter list??

Look for the Full parameter list menu (at the bottom of the menu on the left), hit refresh so you get the current values… scroll down till you see RCMAP_xxxx. Then update as above and click write parameters. Verify by clicking refresh and you can confirm the changes.