PPM signal are not received by Navio+ with 20170323 image

Hi, I wish to reuse a Navio+ on a new UAV, this time will be a fix wing (a plane) but Navio+ didn’t receive PPM signal from the RX (FrSky D8R-XP). So my question is I have to set something with the new image(20170323)?
Troubleshooting done:
Scope on RX out (PPM signal on screen)

Scope on Navio+ PPM in PIN (PPM signal on Screen)

Already run the Navio+ Examples on https://docs.emlid.com/navio/navio+/dev/rc-input/ (no PPM signal was converted on PWM). [It was installed the pigpio library]
Thks for your answers

Hello there!

Could you hook up the scope to the Navio+ header to eliminate the possibility of a loose contact? We need to be sure PPM signal is propagated to the header and doesn’t get lost somewhere.

Hi @george.staroselskiy
Thanks for the tip, I just hook up the scope on Header

then I powered on the Navio±RPi2 on servo rail.
On the scope there are 3 signals
Yellow(signal from RX D8R-XP)
Purple(signal on Navio+ PPM Pin)
Cian(Voltaje Level)

But Unfortunately there is not response for RC Calibration on mission planner tab.

Could you check if something on the code is not allowing receive signal from RX.

Could you please run emlidtool?

Hi @george.staroselskiy
This is the output of sudo emlidtool

By the way, I put some foam on the sensor as well and the outcome was the same. :confused:

I’m interested in the output of sudo i2cdetect -y 1, dmesg and cat /boot/config.txt. You can try lowering i2c_baudrate to 400000 and see if it helps.

I use the navio2 and have the same problem with the latest image.
When i change the SD card with the older image, all works fine !
The RC input channels stay alway to "0"
Hardware is OK for sure !


We have to choice nr 3 in the setup for the NAVIO2 !!! and not 1 …

how? how you solved? what nr 3 or 1?