PPM-decoder can not compile

Help…I can not run PPM-decoder.
I compile PPM-decoder code but it error ‘PI_DEFAULT_CLK_SOURCE’ was not declared in this scope.
I install pigpio all compleate but when make install it warning Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.
Thank you.

Clock skew detected.

That’s because RPi does not have a real-time clock, don’t worry about that, the build should be fine.

‘PI_DEFAULT_CLK_SOURCE’ was not declared in this scope.

That’s strange. I’ll check the example. What Raspberry Pi model are you using? Do you use our Raspbian image?

@quadrotorthaite, the issue at hand has been introduced in

It turned out that PI_DEFAULT_CLK_SOURCE had been deprecated in the commit mentioned above. Who would have thought that backward compatibility could be broken so easily.

The issue is fixed with

The build should run smoothly now.