PPK without hotshoe - Sony RX0

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone’s had any luck integrating the Reach M+ or M2 with the Sony RX0? Have found some threads on the forum but very little information on whether anyone has been successful, let alone how to do so.

I think @chascoadmin has a solution for that.

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Please do share @chascoadmin :grinning:

I’m not sure about this one. I assume you are wanting to PPK with a drone?

How do you initiate the captures? Manually, auto-interval?

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Hi Aaron,

Reach M+/M2 requires a hot shoe connection to get precise time marks. As far as I know, the Sony RX0 camera doesn’t have a hot shoe connector, so you can’t easily integrate it with our receivers.

If you know how to get the camera’s feedback in another way, you can make a custom cable for the purpose. You can use Reach M+/M2 Time mark1 pin (C1 port) to save events. Please note that Reach’s GND pin from C1 should be connected to the camera’s GND.

I export the full GPS track from RTKLIB. When flying I take two test shots that I can visibly see in Geosetter and sync the M2 locations to the photos. I agree that this can be a second or two off if you do not perform the checkshot well, but the relative accuracy of you map is still there. I compensate for this by using Ground Control Points which I recommend regardless of how you fly. When doing PPK usually 5-6 will get it done.

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Sounds like a solution too, but we’re trying to integrate the M2 to our in-house mapping drone. Currently, the flight controller is triggering the camera. We want to offer clients a seamless solution for PPK - will probably give the custom cable option a try, else another camera is also another option for PPK. Having said that, I still want to keep the platform as lightweight as possible, so not really keen on larger cameras that use the hotshoe. Any tips on cameras? Been seeing a lot of Chinese mapping cameras - pretty tempting given their profile and hotshoe availability.

So you’re not actually doing the flying and processing?

We have a sister company that does mapping with our platform, and we’re just developing a PPK workflow on the same kit for them. We might as well develop a seamless solution to offer our other clients too :grinning:

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