PPK With Know base position - No CORS availabe

Hi, I’m new to this forum.
I have to RS2 and I would like to do PPK as Lora do not allow me to go more than 2km in my area and no internet connection.
We also do not have CORS or VRS and in my country. I would like to know if its possible to do PPK with my base placed over a known point and well setup. Even if I do not have CORS. And what would be the workflow?.
Thank you

Yes you can. You just need to store the raw gps data (ubx or rinex) in your base and rover and then load the data into some post processing software, such as Emlid Studios.

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Thank you.
and will the same workflow be okay for a drone like Phantom 4 RTK or Mavic 3E RTK?

I would assume, but I do not use my rtk for drone missions. I have, however, used rtk and ppk on a boat for hydrographic surveys. Having a known position to set the base up on seems to be half the battle in this forum and you said you have that covered. I have seen on this forum writeups for specific drone setups and I have seen on Emlid Studios there is a drone setting.

For my hydrographic survey, I was able to log both raw data in my base and rover and convert those files for a single POS fle for my boats fixed post processed locations, which I could easily download into my 3rd party survey software.

Wish I could be of more help.

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Hi Ouriel,

Welcome to our community!

It looks like the Stop & Go with Emlid Flow can be the solution for you. The base is placed over a known point, and you collect points with the rover in Emlid Flow with a SINGLE solution (meter accuracy). Both receivers record raw data logs in the meantime.

Then, you import logs and CSV from Emlid Flow into Emlid Studio, and improve points’ accuracy to the centimeter level. You can find a step-by-step guide in our docs.

It’s quite another use case of Reach RS2. Here it acts as a base transmitting RTK corrections to the drone. If there’s no cell coverage, the Local NTRIP feature comes in handy. It allows broadcasting corrections within Wi-Fi network without internet. You can read the guide in our docs.

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