PPK with cors

Haha, i think we can conclude that this is a rtklib bug
That LLH coordinates are not remotly close to dicky. So its funny how that should affect the output

If you mean the file that I attached in post #5, the size is same with that file. I used that file.

Bug for me and @alujoe, but not for you guys :grinning:

Hi @alujoe, is it mean that you put manually coordinate you get q=0, then switched to rinex header you get the result exactly same with @TB_RTK?

Hi dicky,

yes, first I set ‘Rinex header’ and I got the ‘error: no position in rinex header’ (using b26 or b27).
Second attempt by changing to LLH deg and entering the coordinates of TB_RTK, the b26 and b27 run but Q=0 and no output solution.
Third attempt switching from LLH deg to Rinex header (nothing else changed, the coordinates are still in the fields) the b26 gets a solution that looks exactly like TB_RTK pictures, the b27 insists on ‘error: no position in rinex header’ and therefore no output.

It’s strange. But I will try it. Thank you

@TB_RTK. Unrelated to your GPS issues… You need to perform a (in Mission Planner) radio calibration to your fixed wing. You have added RC transmitter trim since your last RC calibration. This is causing the airplane to fly offset from its intended flight line.


how you geo tag images after pos process ?

Arrange the timemark in post processed file, then arrange the image from the first capture. In agisoft we can upload file that consists of timemark and images arrange. The application will automatically load and arrange the image for alignment.