PPK with a Rock CORS

What’s up everybody?! I hope you are enjoying your weekends. I already sent this to support but thought I would share here as well as it will probably become a more common scenario moving forward. First time I am trying to PPK Mavic 3 Enterprise data with a Rock base. I want to try to do some GCP’s and then some stop-and-go from the RS3 next but I need these images quickly and am not allowed to use my gear at work and the Propeller AeroPoint failed so I am being sneaky by using my GEODNET logs… Studio error reports and PPK logs.


What’s your closet station ? I hope it’s nearby. One of the things I’ve been doing lately (last two projects), is to place a static receiver nearby (< 1 mile) or onsite in addition to my onsite base (if doing local RTN or RTK) just in case a nearby CORS or RTN station is down. I PPK my EVO 's imagery even though I had RTK solutions in the imagery data. Javad Justin 3 post processed the GNSS data and added the computed positions to the imagery. It worked fairly good as my worse case error was 9cm horizontal and the same for vertical. It was a pain to use as this was my first try using Justin 3.

It may have not been practical for you or you didn’t have an extra available receiver, but this will save your a** in the future. I hope everything works out for you @michaelL !

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I guess I will have to start putting down two aeropoints as backup. I have plenty of receivers, I just can’t use them at my full time job. Personally I fly local NTRIP RTK and have zero issues and even when I have PPK’d and processed a back-sight :wink: the results have been indistinguishable. The Rock base is a band-aid for this flight but it was nice to be able to just go pull the logs for the time period I needed off my own CORS. Too bad it seems to have some compatibility issues with Studio.


I figured it out. I contacted Rock and instead of downloading the time I was flying I was supposed to calculate UTC just like if I was downloading from our State CORS.