PPK uav and Exif image

Good morning everyone,
I’m processing data in ppk from a survey with a drone and once the whole process has been completed, when I am asked which folder to save the files in, it doesn’t let me choose an internal folder on the PC but only the folder with the images on the SD card, is there some settings to change?
Another problem I encountered is in the information in the exif files of the post-processed images where the accuracy of the data in lat/lon and z is not reported.
Last question: Is there the possibility to generate an analysis report?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Daniele,

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue with no success. It lets me choose the folder either on the PC or on the SD card. Is there any chance that access to the internal folders is restricted somehow?

Otherwise, you could enable the toggle Update original photos, so it only provides the access to the folder containing those photos.

RMS data isn’t actually recorded in the EXIF metadata after geotagging in Emlid Studio. It doesn’t affect the dataset’s accuracy and you can even add these values manually in the photogrammetry software. However, I’ll note your request and pass it on to the team.

There’s no such option in Emlid Studio, but I’ve also noted it as a feature request.

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Thank you very much kirill!